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Charmaine D.

I have to admit that I am impressed. I have eaten here 3 times and  the food is great. The appetizers come when you order to eat in and take-out. I love the calamar; the lemon pepper wings are great, the steak is great, the falafal is great but the deserts are AMAZING!!!  Well worth the cost. We have taken to ordering the cake for birthdays.  The management is caring and attentive. There was food left out of my to go order once and the manager went above and beyond to make it right!! It was worth every penny to have to drive back. Keep up the good work!!

Brandie Lyttle

Delicious food (compliments to the chef for doing lamb right!) and AMAZING desserts! The staff was friendly and attentive.

Kae Kakes

If you are thinking about going here.. DO IT this place is amazing!!! I mean food, people, atmosphere is all 100% you get lots of food for what you pay for! My new favorite place! Literally the bomb!

Nick Walker

Very friendly! My toddlers were being quite the toddlers they are at dinner and instead of making us feel awful about them being a little restless, the manager brought over two stuffed animals for them to play with. Additionally our waitress noticed and put in the kids order right away so their food would come out fast. Food was great and their attentiveness totally made our experience more enjoyable! Thanks for the great service.Gyro City Grill serves excellent meals. Try the moussaka and the chicken parmigiana!  Excellent customer service. I enjoyed my first experience of greek food and will be back again soon.

Tim Ashton

I can't breathe. I'm stuffed. They give appetizers that are amazing and overly generous in portions. Then, my main entree was stuffed full of amazing. The service was awesome, attentive and friendly. The desserts, that I HAD to get to go, are HUGE. This place is great and I will definitely be back soon.